Facebook Advertising Bootcamp

Learn to manage all aspects of your Facebook Advertising strategy.

Our Facebook Advertising Bootcamp includes three 45 minute training sessions and online course videos you can access anytime. In the FBA Bootcamp you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your Facebook Business Manager
  • How to set up your Facebook Advertising account
  • How to integrate the Facebook pixel with your website
  • How to use Facebook’s amazing targeting features
  • How to create targeted custom audiences
  • Understanding the 3 levels of a campaign
  • Using Ads Manager & Power Editor
  • How to establish and manage a campaign budget
  • How to build effective ad creative
  • Copywriting for Facebook ads
  • How to measure a campaign’s effectiveness
  • How to optimize a campaign for better results

Bootcamp Fee: $449

After The Bootcamp You’ll Be Able To:

Set Up and Run Your Facebook Ads Account

Confidently set up and manage your company’s Business Manager and Facebook Ad Account. Create and manage all aspects of your ad campaigns including campaign length, goals and budgets. Run reports on your campaigns, ad sets and ad creative.

Target Your Best Customers

Use Facebook’s powerful audience targeting tools to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Drive new leads using custom audiences and create look-alike audiences to expand your reach. Retarget people to increase conversions.


Create Ad Creative That Converts

Effective ad creative consists of great copy, compelling images or video and the right call to action. Learn to develop each component of great Facebook ads tailored to your business. Also, learn about the many new Facebook ad types like lead ads and canvas ads.